DistributedML 2020


Fahim Kawsar

Dr. Fahim Kawsar leads the Pervasive Systems research at Bell Laboratories in Cambridge, UK and holds a Design United Professorship at TU Delft. His teams at Cambridge and Antwerp aim at building efficient, robust and personalised sensory systems with novel computational forms for disruptive mobile, wearable and IoT services in three application areas: Smart Home, Smart Enterprise, and Quantified Lifestyle.

His research agenda is centred on Computational Behaviour Modelling. He is interested in system and algorithmic challenges in building multi-sensory computational systems to understand real-world human behaviour through modelling people-to-people, people-to-place, people-to-thing interactions. Some of the keywords of his research include: Earables, Internet of Things, Behaviour and Activity Modelling, Physical Analytics, Distributed Middleware, and Smart Objects.

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