DistributedML 2021


Chuanxiong Guo

Dr Chuanxiong Guo is a Director of the AI Labs of Bytedance Inc (TikTok), a global information distribution platform that connects people and information. Before that he was a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research Redmond and before that Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft Azure and Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research Asia.

He has won several awards for his research in data center, both academic and inside MSR. Several of his envisions including DCN virtualization, DCN monitoring, and ServerSwitch generated both academic and industrial impacts. Many of the systems that he has designed and built, including CloudBrain, RDMA/RoCEv2, Pingmesh, NetBouncer, DiffServ for data centers, are deployed in Microsoft Azure and Bing data centers in millions of servers.

His areas of interest include networked systems at large-scale, data center networking (DCN), machine learning system, systems availability and troubleshooting, and cloud computing. Currently, he is working on machine learning systems, data center networking, and system availability.

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