DistributedML 2021

Virtual presentation instructions

The authors of accepted papers will have to upload a 10-min video presentation of their work by the 23rd of November. These presentations will be played on the day of the workshop and a live Q&A session will follow. They will also become available in the ACM Digital Library as supplemental material to your paper.


The video should adhere to the following requirements:

Video recording

Should you decide to do your presentation in Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote, both suite support presentation recording.

For Powerpoint:

More information here.

For Keynote:

More information here.

If you decide to do the presentation in the traditional way and capture it through some screen recording software, we can advise the following:


Please submit your video presentation in the link you received by e-mail. If you have not received the e-mail, please reach out to the organisers.

Please also submit a copy of your presentation for ACM DL in the provided link, you should also have received by e-mail.